• Organization TypeIndependent/None, Service Providers
  • Founded1989

Positivo Tecnologia

It was 1989, when a group of entrepreneurs in the educational field dared to produce computers in Brazil in a scenario shaped by unexpected and successive obstacles. A window of opportunity occurs in the country and is pioneered by them: the demand for the use of personal computers. Thus, a genuinely Brazilian technology brand is born. POSITIVO INFORMÁTICA is born. GROWTH For more than two decades, the focus on computers is the way to break barriers, conquer the market and reach homes for millions of Brazilians. In this phase, the company deepens its knowledge of the Brazilian consumer - its habits, needs and desires - a natural and valuable proximity. From schools to the homes of Brazilian families, their products represent the latest in technological devices that everyone can and want to buy. THE CURRENT MOMENT Its dynamic and versatile personality, combined with its solid values ​​in ethics and respect, bring it to the moment that the company lives today: Product diversification: Computers, tablets, smartphones, cell phones and telemedicine devices are part of its portfolio, in addition to equipment for schools in more than 40 countries. Geographic expansion: Its international operations are restricted to the export of educational technology until 2010. That was when taking its devices to other countries became possible and, with enthusiasm and determination, began to expand its operations to other countries in America - to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile - and also for the African continent, starting activities in Rwanda and Kenya. Thus, through Informática Fueguina and PBG Rwanda, Positivo becomes the only Brazilian multinational in its segment. Different brands and businesses: Technology, innovation, agility and adaptation to each market and public. Designed for each profile, the Positivo, Quantum, VAIO and Hi Technologies brands carry the story of success and entrepreneurship that envisages expansion and diversification in their trajectory. Especially on mobile devices, the movement guarantees the status of a multi-brand company and makes it possible to work with a complementary portfolio to meet all public profiles. Regarding investment in telemedicine, with an eye on the future, the partners see the possibility of making their devices global to assist in the monitoring of epidemics, for example. Therefore, the pioneering spirit that accompanies POSITIVO TECNOLOGIAsince its foundation, it has been part of the daily life of the entire team. The company continues to work hard in search of constant innovation so that the technology is used to improve people's lives.
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