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The Prague Civil Society Centre supports visionary, state of the art projects. They are always on the lookout for innovative, tech-based solutions and fresh approaches to the region’s social issues. The Centre has an exceptionally broad definition of civil society that includes activists, campaigners, journalists, bloggers and lawyers, as well as creative professionals such as filmmakers, artists, designers and IT experts. They also support social entrepreneurs and civic-minded businesses. Our aim is to create and nurture a fluid community of activists, professionals and academics that harnesses the diversity, skills and knowledge of those working on civic and social initiatives. Our flexible, inclusive and cross sector approach is aimed to help civil society become more innovative, creative and sustainable so it is better equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities it faces in this unpredictable region. The Centre is funded by two private foundations, the CS Mott Foundation and the Oak Foundation, along with the Swedish, Czech and US governments.

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