Private Education Development Network (PEDN)


  • Organization TypeInvestment & Finance, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersUganda
  • Founded2004
In June 2004, PEDN was founded by Irene Mutumba, an Ashoka Fellow and social entrepreneur whose passion was to overcome the high rate of rote learning in Uganda’s education system and financial literacy among the youth. PEDN offers a variety of youth programs personally tailored to train children and youth in areas of business, personal development, financial and entrepreneurial skills in an open and collaborative environment. As a teacher, Irene believed that it was fundamentally important that financial inclusion and helping youth to lead lifestyles of entrepreneurs was highly imperative. Through youth led and community based clubs, Ugandan youth have got opportunities to be creative, demonstrate initiative and approach learning in new ways. With PEDN‟s pioneer program, Irene led a selected number of youth into a mentorship and entrepreneurial process that produced a number of productive youth that encouraged the growth of the organization into a multi-project organization with over 7 major projects and programs benefiting over 10 districts in Uganda and over 500,000 children and youth. Since 2004, PEDN has successful worked in partnership with multi-corporations, trusts, foundations and financial institutions to implement its programs dedicated to youth empowerment and community development through teaching children and youth finance, business and entrepreneurial skills through activity based learning. With a leading and significant role in Uganda, PEDN has extended its technical expertise to the government of Uganda, financial institutions, as well as public entities through consultancy, business development services, local and international research. This has made PEDN stand out as a key contributor to micro-entrepreneurship, finance and business development in the region. Their Mission “To facilitate the development of young people’s creative and innovative potential by equipping them with basic entrepreneurial, financial, business, and personal development skills in an open and collaborative environment.” Their Products To facilitate the development of young Smart Start, Aflatoun Social and Financial Education, Aflateen, Newspapers in Education, Girls Empowered to Empower, Super Savers and Young Entrepreneurs Program. PEDN operates under four program areas:- Financial Inclusion The goal of this program area is to enable youth have the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their personal finances well. Through financial literacy workshops, newspaper articles, exposure visits to financial institutions, and live in school trainings; thousands of youth are encouraged to uphold personal financial management as well as start saving both formally and informally. Vocational Skills Development As the result of the current education system which is still aligned towards creating job seekers as than job creators. This program aims at equipping youth with market-led vocational skills. Through designing vocational skills training that are market oriented, the trained are able to sustain themselves as they will have the required skills to support the needs of their community. Advocacy & Lobbying Their advocacy activities are currently aligned towards working with the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) and other civil society organizations to ensure that Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion are mainstreamed into Uganda’s education curriculum Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Development Through partnering with well-established business person’s in the community; the youth are mentored and encouraged into becoming successful entrepreneurs in the community.

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