• Organization TypeAssociation
  • HeadquartersThailand
  • Founded1979

Private Hospital Association (Thailand)

In the year 1979, the founding of the association arose from the good wishes of the executives from large and medium sized hospitals in those days. Which is committed to coming together to develop medical management Nursing of private hospitals To make progress, modern and more quality according to the needs of the people In addition, it is a common image of private hospitals to come together. Solidarity Harmonize Exchange knowledge and experience Together, do good with progressive walking with direction. With the framework of ethics and society to be a guideline Private hospitals have an important role in the public health system of the country. Due to the economic and social conditions of the country have changed dramatically. Important factors that have contributed to the establishment of private hospitals, especially in the 5-10 years, consisting of many factors, such as the number of hospital beds is not enough to meet the needs and proportion to the population. Systematic services and by government officials Not yet instant of service users Service in convenience, fast standby Agile and comforted, not yet fully in the government hospital The better position of the nation makes the people aware of the quality of life. Good health and long life Therefore interested in the services of happiness that they are interested and able to guide some Which the public hospital is not yet fully accessible Investment opportunities are increasing because the public is interested. Business people are interested in funding sources to support Established that Private hospitals help to alleviate the public health burden. According to the assessment by the National Economic and Social Commission, it is estimated that the total cost of health for the people is 150,000 million baht. In that amount, the public uses the private sector for approximately 16,000 million baht, which is 16% of the cost. Expenses that people spend on health Objectives Promoting business operations related to hospitals or health care and related activities Promote and create good cooperation between members of the association. Promoting, protecting and protecting mutual benefits Promote and arrange for the development of academic affairs in hospitals and related businesses. Promote, support, and assist members Resolve various obstacles and negotiations to make agreements with outsiders. Government For mutual benefits In the business of the member Harmonize And exchange knowledge Academic opinions and news About the hospital business take care of your health And related businesses Collaboration and coordination with the government and private sectors such as organizations, associations, companies, individuals or any persons when the association considers that such cooperation is a help Or facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the association Dissemination and public relations of the association's activities As well as news Relating to the private hospital business take care of your health And related activities
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Company Offices

  • Thailand (headquarters)
  • Bangkok
  • Royal Golden Jubilee Building, 2 Soi Soonvijai, Petchburi Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang