• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Staff1001-5000
  • Development BudgetLess than 1 Million
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1965
Profamilia Social brings services, products, education and information to the poorest, most vulnerable and marginalized of the Colombian population. The programs of Profamilia Social are financed by donors and the surplus from Profamilia IPS. Each time a Colombian seeks services from Profamilia IPS, he or she is supporting our social programs, offering the less fortunate the possibility of taking advantage of specialized sexual and reproductive health services through a small and symbolic financial contribution well within the reach of their economic possibilities.   Our Work Philosophy With a clear commitment regarding quality service delivery, Profamilia Social strives so that our beneficiaries exercise their sexual and reproductive health with responsibility and that they freely decide to take advantage of medical services. Beneficiaries assume a part of the cost of the medical services that they will receive through small, symbolic contributions well within the reach of their economic possibilities, demonstrating their value for the services provided. Profamilia Social, aware of the country’s needs and the needs of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable of the population, adapts its educational and medical services in order to satisfy the population’s basic unmet health needs. With years of experience working in the field of sexual and reproductive health, we have learned the importance of offering information and education so that people may attain medical services in an informed and free manner.   WHAT WE DO   Profamilia Joven Profamilia Joven promotes and defends the sexual and reproductive rights of young people while respecting their privacy. In order to offer social projects directed to the youth and adolescent populations as vulnerable populations having specific service needs, Profamilia created Profamila Joven. This program offers comprehensive attention that provides information, orientation and education in sexual and reproductive health, as well as products and medical services for this specific population.   Profamilia Mobile (Profamilia Móvil) Without regard to distance, Profamilia Mobile brings health services to all Colombians. Profamilia Mobile is a service designed by Profamilia Social that seeks to guarantee access to health services. Through mobile health brigades (MHB), medical personnel, medicine and family planning methods are brought to communities that need them in order to make up for some of the deficiencies in sexual and reproductive health.   Profamilia Educates (Profamilia Educa)  Profamilia Educates (Profamilia Educa) offers virtual training courses with a focus on gender and rights in themes of sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and family planning, geared towards adolescents and young people, parents, educators, health professionals, public and private companies and social organizations interested in training their beneficiary employees.   AVISE AVISE is a comprehensive services program that offers medical, psychological and legal services to victims of sexual violence.  The program is undertaken in an environment of confidentiality and respect for the dignity and rights of all. The program is available in all 34 Profamilia centers in 29 cities in the country.   Sexual and reproductive rights (Promoción de Derechos) Profamilia Social programs are carried out under a human rights ethical framework with a particular focus on sexual and reproductive rights, with the conviction that the recognition, respect and guarantee of these depends on sound sexual and reproductive health of clients.   HIV/AIDS and ITS prevention (Prevención de ITS/VIH sida) Profamilia is a health providing institution with extensive experience in the field of sexual and reproductive health of the Colombian people. Although the general health system covers treatments and attention to HIV-positive people and is obliged to provide HIV tests when requested by users, Profamilia provides pre and post counseling services.  Treatment coverage is provided by the state, but our sexual and reproductive health services are inclusive and respect the needs of HIV-positive people who come to our centers.

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