• Organization TypeWorks & Construction
  • Staff26-50
  • Founded1991

Profico: Projetos, Fiscalizacao e Consultoria

History The company was created in 1991, in Lisbon, Portugal, with the main goal of developing projects in the area of structural engineering. In 1997, the company extended its activities to projects involving building structures and the area of Engineering Works Supervision. In 2000, Profico decided to enter the area of environmental studies, creating Profico Ambiente, an entity that enjoys complete technical autonomy to operate in the environment sector. The company further expanded its services, specifically into water and sewerage, urbanism and technical facilities through creating partnerships with technicians or specialized small businesses, accompanied by internal development of a project coordination department. Despite having done some relevant work in Angola in the late 1990s, only in 2006 did the company invest more heavily in Angola, as co-founder of a company dedicated to engineering services, Cenga, Consultores de Engenharia de Angola, in which it owns a significant stake. In 2010, the company acquired a prominent position in the Gesbau company, an organisation with more than 30 years’ experience in the Portuguese market with significant services provided in the area of Project Management, thereby enhancing its responsiveness to more wide-ranging services. In 2011, following a strategy of sustainable internationalisation, Profico opened a representative office in Maputo, in a bid to approach new customers in that region of Africa, through participation in the company ECM – Engenheiros Consultores de Moçambique MISSION Providing Engineering Services, Profico's mission is to serve its customers with quality and efficiency, contributing to the promotion of Portuguese Engineering and to ensure adequate working conditions for its employees. VISION Profico wants to be recognised in the markets in which it operates as a company that provides quality services, is always prepared to find the best way to fulfil customers’ needs, that sees customers as partners and whose action is focused on technical, economic and ethical aspects.   MANAGEMENT QUALITY POLICY The establishing and development of its quality policy allows Profico to attain the Excellency of its services in engineering design, project management and works supervision. The main goal of the company is to provide services that meet the requirements and needs of its clients, namely: compliance, internal quality requirements, respect for deadlines and contractual price. An essential condition is the legal and regulatory requirements fulfilment. To achieve these goals the company commits itself to: - Provide services in the field of its activities that ensure the satisfaction of its clients needs in accordance with the technical constraints and legal regulations; - Promote innovation and technical quality of services, by constantly updating and providing continuous training to its staff and acquiring technical potential; - Recognize suppliers as partners, privileging those that respect quality standards compatible with Profico values; - Continually improving the internal structure and human resources in order to achieve efficiency and growth; This way, Profico warrants the necessary assets for the operation and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, implemented since December 2010 to comply with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001:2008.   HUMAN RESOURCES POLICY Human resources are the most valuable asset of a services company. Being aware that a critical success factor is staff motivation, the management team has to manage employees’ expectations assuring the quality and fairness of decisions. Not withstanding the relevance of salaries the company does not neglect the level of work conditions, encouraging team spirit, professional prizing and training, fostering creativity and supporting participation, in a stable and fair contractual environment. The performance evaluation system in place is an objective way to identify areas of improvement for staff and management in order to unfold better individual capabilities and team engagement. In what concerns the recruiting of technical employees the company favours the hiring of young graduates providing them in-house continuous training supported on the supervision by senior staff as well as external courses or lectures when deemed fit. Favourable additional conditions are provided to these promising elements allowing them to develop their career within the Company.   ENVIONMENTAL POLICY The company is aware that, despite being responsible for producing little solid waste, it has an obligation to help preserve the environment. Thus, Profico meets all current environmental legislation. In order to comply with this obligation, the following measures have been implemented in relation to common consumer goods: - Whenever available, Profico uses recyclable products; - Almost all solid waste produced by the company is sent directly for recycling – cardboard, paper, batteries and ink cartridges for printers and plotters; - The decision to purchase products supplies or otherwise, preferably takes into account the size of their carbon footprint. Profico advertises and promotes environmental control practices among its employees, including the reuse of the back of printed paper, or the use of two-sided printing whenever possible.   FINANCIAL POLICY Profico meets all the contractual rules with its suppliers keeping with the payment terms and demanding the delivery in time of products and services, not conditioning its payments on the collection of related services from its customers. Likewise Profico considers that its receivables should be subject only to the terms of the contract established with its final client. Investment decisions are taken based on a cost-benefit analysis in which the acquisition price is considered taking into account the environment characteristics, maintenance costs and life expectancy of the product.
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Company Offices

  • Portugal (headquarters)
  • Lda. Rua Alfredo da Silva, 11B
  • Lisbon 1300-040