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Programas de Apoyo a la Educacion Media y Tecnica y a la Formación en Educacion (PAEMFE)

Through the Support Programs for Secondary and Technical Education and Training in Education (PAEMFE), the National Public Education Administration (ANEP) seeks to contribute to the implementation of the educational policy in secondary, technical and educational education . These Programs were reflected in two Loan Contracts between the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and the Inter-American Development Bank: Contract 2480 / OC-UR, started in 2011, and Contract 3773 / OC-UR, signed in 2017 . As a precedent prior to the aforementioned is the Modernization Program for Middle Education and Teacher Training (MEMFOD). The latter resulted from the 1031 / OC-UR Loan Agreement between the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and the Inter-American Development Bank, signed on 12/21/2001 and ended on 12/21/2010, for an amount of US $ 107 million ( US $ 75 million loan). The MEMFOD was intended to contribute to consolidate and deepen the policies of quality improvement and increase of equity in secondary education and teacher training in Uruguay. The PAEMFE Program, resulting from the 2480 / OC-UR Loan Agreement, was signed on 2/9/2011, with a total of US $ 114.5 million planned for 5 years, of which US $ 66.5 million They are local counterparts and US $ 48 million in external indebtedness. Article 678 of Law No. 18.719 of the Five-Year Budget of January 2011 authorized ANEP to develop it.  While the PAEMFE Program, framed in the 3773 / OC-UR Loan Agreement, was signed on 2/2/2017, with a term of 5 years and a total amount of US $ 74.7 million, of which US $ 24.7 million are local counterparts and US $ 50 million external indebtedness. Finally, it is noteworthy that together with the Loan Contract 3773 / OC-UR, a Conditional Credit Line for Investment Projects was also signed with the IDB on 2/2/2017 in order to improve access and quality of Secondary Education (CLIP - UR-O1151), for a total amount of financing of US $ 200 million for individual Loan operations to be agreed within 20 years .
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