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PRONI Center for Youth Development is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization established with the aim of organizing and implementing education in the field of social work with young people, while promoting volunteerism among active citizens. PRONI Brčko is an award winning organization with 5 permanent employees, 90 volunteers and more than 2,500 registered members. In the past seventeen years, PRONI Center has implemented hundreds of youth and other target groups with the support of Swedish International Development Agency, USAID, UNDP, Brcko District, Bijeljina Municipality and other international and domestic partners. They are especially proud of the projects of the university level of training through 350 Omladinskih radnika (1998-2004), construction of the Youth Center in the Brčko District of BiH (2004), the project of Omladinska banka (2002-2005), the project of the Network of youth clubs of the Brčko District of BiH (2007-2014) , Festival Youth Ombudsman - FORA (2001-2013), Young Eco Leaders (2012-2014), Young Grade Future in the Brčko District of BiH (2011-2014), Local Volunteer Services in Brčko and Bijeljina (201-2014) and hundreds of others projects implemented with youth in the past 16 years. PRONI Center was established in August 1998, it has been in existence for 17 years and has offices in Brčko and Bijeljina, and activities are carried out at the level of BiH, as well as at the European level through partnerships and networking with other organizations. Vision PRONI Center for Youth Development has a vision that all young people have the capacity to develop themselves and the equal opportunity to contribute to a democratic and just society in which their needs are recognized and resolved. Activism, cooperation and understanding among people are an integral part of a democratic and just society. Mission PRONI Center for Youth Development is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan, local youth organization founded in 1998 that works on the development of a democratic society through: Human Rights Protection and Promotion, Youth Work in the Community, Social Education, Peace Building, Cross-sectoral Cooperation, Support to Youth Initiatives, EU integration and Working with local communities. PRONI Center works to overcome barriers that create diversity within society. They work for individuals and groups in a society that will benefit from the work of the organization with a special focus on young people. PRONI Center works in the post-war areas where the need for social reconstruction is particularly expressed. Methodology They work on principles and models of social education based on experiences and positive examples of the methodology of youth work and community work applied in the EU. The models of social education that they promote and apply are: - Interactive learning, - Intercultural approach, - Team work, - Individual work, - Creating a secure space for development, - Encouraging responsibility and creativity, - Promotion of volunteer work and - Raising awareness among young people about their rights and obligations. Strategic directions of the PRONI Center - Development of a young, democratic and just society through youth work - Activism and influence on the development of democratic processes - Education for the development of youth and community based on democratic principles - Organizational development towards sustainability - Environment and sustainability - Development of local communities International and local networks EVS (European Voluntary Service), YEN (Youth Express Network), Anna Lindh Foundation (Anna Lindh Foundation), Forum Syd Balkan Project, Danube Network of Non-Governmental Organizations, Coalition for RECOM, Igman Initiative, BiH Youth Network, Justice Network, YouthBuild Balkans network. Work on peace building PRONI Brčko was one of the first organizations to begin work on peace building in BiH using the education of youth workers and their practices as a means. Since 1998 PRONI Brčko (at that time known as PRONI Institute for Social Education) has started educational programs for young people who came from different ethnic groups and religions in BiH (Bosniaks-Musimani and Serbs-Orthodox) in order to repair the destroyed bridges "And break prejudices among young people in BiH. These educational and peace building activities that began in 1998 laid the foundations for future activities and results. PRONI organized more than 100 educational activities in the field of Peace Building, more than 200 intercultural exchanges in BiH and the region, organized and helped over 1000 workshops where the leaders of the workshops and participants came from different ethnicities in BiH. PRONI Brcko proved that multiethnic coexistence was possible and became the first Youth Non-Governmental Organization that included all three ethnic groups in 2000, and since then PRONI Brcko has been working to promote a multi-ethnic approach in BiH.

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