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The Propal Foundation is a private, non-profit social enterprise that was born in August 1991 with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities that live in the areas of influence of the production plants of Carvajal Pulpa and Papel SA (previously producing PROPAL SA Papers), located in the municipalities of Guachené-Cauca and Yumbo-Valle del Cauca. The various actions of the Propal Foundation seek to generate social development based on community participation and the permanent generation of inter-institutional alliances with governmental entities and social organizations of the national, departmental and local order. MISSION The Propal Foundation contributes to economic, social and environmental development, focusing on the public and private policy of the territory to generate capacities, empowerment, social inclusion and equity, in the communities located in its area of ​​influence. VISION The Propal Foundation is the ideal ally to build synergies between the community, the business and the state that promote social, economic and environmental development in the region. What do they do: HEALTH They contribute to improving the health of the community, through the provision of services with an emphasis on prevention and promotion. They actively intervene in the improvement of the hygienic and environmental conditions of the region, generating integral solutions to the basic needs of the community. In the Propal Foundation, through the health program, they continue to take a broad portfolio of services at levels 1 and 2 outpatient clinics from the Health Services Provider Institution (IPS) at their Puerto Tejada headquarters.  In order to minimize the geographical barriers in the rural area, from the community health program they make possible the access to basic health services, through extramural care days with an emphasis on prevention and promotion. In an integral way, the basic sanitation program contributes to improving hygiene and drinking water conditions in the North Cauca.  The Health program is composed of: - Medical Center - Community health - Basic sanitation EARLY CHILDHOOD The Propal Foundation reiterates the commitment to fully serve the youngest. For this reason, in the framework of the "From zero to always" strategy, in partnership with the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), it implements the training, development and integral care program for 2400 children aged 6 months to 5 years. age in the modalities of: Child Development Center (CDI), Households grouped and traditional Homes in the municipalities of Puerto Tejada, Villa Rica and Miranda in the department of Cauca. They put at the service of the Program our infrastructure and human resources in the areas of health and education, ensuring access and permanence for children from 0 to 5 years of age to nutrition and development programs, and guaranteeing them at least all their rights as citizens. They designed for parents and residents of the municipality of Puerto Tejada a school for families, there they trained them in parenting, discipline without punishment, psychosocial support through the application of parental skills workshops. INCOME GENERATION They build capacities for the entrepreneurship and the strengthening of micro-enterprises to be competitive and sustainable. They seek alliances to offer training, access to resources and markets for your products and / or services. From the income generation program, they support and manage productive projects focused on improving the income of families by developing strategies that respond to the needs of today's market. The Income Generation program is composed of two lines: - Business - Microenterprise strengthening      

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