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  • Founded2000
'PROSPERA' COMES FROM THE LATIN 'PROSPERARE' MEANING TO CAUSE TO SUCCEED, TO THRIVE. Their goal is to generate the means for women’s funds to support women, girls, and trans* people to determine how they want to succeed while creating the conditions in which they are able to thrive. HOW THEY WORK As the global hub of women’s funds, Prospera seeks to create opportunities for greater collaboration between their members and across sectors, develop technical skills and knowledge, and mobilize resources to strengthen and support women’s funds to realize women’s rights. Prospera’s staff currently works in Mexico City, Seoul and Berlin. But their community extends across the globe. They consider their member funds- their staff and boards, as well as their partners, to be part of the Prospera team. They are all committed to mobilizing more resources for women, girls, and trans* people. THEIR MISSION The mission of Prospera is to strengthen the work of women’s funds to empower women, girls, and trans* people to transform their lives and communities. THEIR VISION Their vision of prosperity promotes the full and equal participation of women in the economy, politics, the environment, and society. This vision requires the freedom for women, girls, and trans* people to make decisions about their bodies and their lives. It calls for women’s equal access to resources and opportunities so that they are able to develop their talents, to support themselves and their families, and help build their communities and countries. They believe that in order to achieve this, they need a strong feminist resource allocation movement that supports women, girls, and trans* people with access to resources and opportunities to realize their ideas and potential. THEIR VALUES Diversity and inclusion (of funding sources, of people and perspectives among membership, staff, volunteers and board); Fairness, transparency and evenhandedness (they treat all members of their Network and their grantees, donors, advisors as equal partners); Respect and trust (they respect the work and experience of women, girls, and trans* people and they trust that women, girls, and and trans* people know best how to determine their needs and find solutions for lasting change); Openness (being open to and learning about different ways to approach issues) and transparency in their procedures and policies (including being consistent with legal requirements needed to raise and give away money); Flexibility and responsiveness (they emphasize learning and adjust their approaches to new insights and to changes they see); Generosity (they are willing to share whatever knowledge and expertise they have, and each of us gives her best for the Network). Integrity (on how they  work, make decisions, and communicate with others).

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