• Organization TypeService Providers
  • HeadquartersItaly
  • Founded2002

Publiacqua S.p.A.

WHO THEY ARE Publiacqua SpA is the contracting company, from 1 January 2002, for the management of the integrated water service from the Optimal Territorial Area No. 3 Medio Valdarno, a territory, main axis of Tuscany, which involves 4 provinces, Florence Prato, Pistoia and Arezzo. In the 45 municipalities served, one third of the regional population lives (about 1,305,000 inhabitants) and the main economic activities of Tuscany are located. Publiacqua SpA was established in 2000 on the initiative of the Municipalities where the company carries out its activity. In 2006, at the conclusion of a public tender, a private partner was identified, Acque Blu Fiorentine SpA composed of a series of public and private companies including Acea SpA, Suez Environnement SA, MPS SpA which was awarded the 40 % of the share capital. In 2014, MPS expressed its intention to exit the group and its shares were acquired by Acea and Suez in proportion to the shares held. So far ACEA holds 75% of the shares of Acque Blu Fiorentine, while Suez is just under 25%. Areas of Activity Publiacqua deals with the collection, treatment, conveying and distribution of drinking water. Their activity involves both groundwater and surface water. The company operates a complex and articulated plant system, starting with the large structures of the Tuscan capital (Anconella and Mantignano water purification plant). Throughout the managed territory, in addition to the distribution of drinking water, the company handles the collection of waste water and its purification, having at the San Colombano plant the point of excellence. The integrated management of the purification system by a single subject, in such a vast territory, is an essential prerequisite for its modernization and efficiency, also in order to reduce the pollution level of the river waters of the Region. - Production and sale of drinking water; - Fontanelli high quality water; - Purification; - Sewers; - Chemical and biological laboratory controls, analysis; VALUES Since its inception, Publiacqua SpA has been working on the creation of a modern company at the service of citizens in the field of integrated water service, where it operates through the design, construction and management of an efficient production cycle characterized by: - Diversified sources of water supply with the aim of protecting the water table; - Technologically advanced purification plants among the best in Europe such as the Anconella water purifier; - Purification plants for urban and industrial waste water created with a view to reusing the resource such as the San Colombano purifier; - Distribution networks for drinking water and waste water collection with low environmental impact The mission of Publiacqua SpA is to guarantee the quality and continuity of the service throughout the territory served at contained costs, even in the event of an emergency and in the event of a dry climate, and to ensure the constant safeguarding of water resources and the environment. All this thanks to one of the most advanced and modern production and management systems in Italy. With a view to protecting the environment and with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the company is implementing programs to reduce electricity consumption and has implemented, among other things, a hydroelectric plant for energy production. from renewable sources. CORRECT USE OF WATER Publiacqua has introduced among the priorities of company policy the promotion of socially responsible behavior for the correct use of drinking water by citizens. To this end, it has carried out a multi-year project to raise awareness about waste, which involves the use of various means of communication and information.
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Company Offices

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