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  • Founded1971

Public Citizen

Public Citizen is a national, non-partisan, public interest group with over 400,000 members and supporters. Since its inception in 1995, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch (GTW) has been a leader in popularizing the globalization and trade debate by connecting these seemingly arcane policies to people's everyday experiences – and helping people make a difference in the future of globalization by giving them the tools they need to educate their communities, hold Congress accountable for policy choices and hit the streets to protest. GTW works with diverse national and international coalitions. Today's "trade" agreements, such as the recently derailed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and ever-damaging the North American Free Trade Agreement, have become powerful tools to expand corporate power and lock in new corporate rights. Decisions that affect the daily lives of americans are shifted to venues where those who will live with the results have no role. Unless this "trade" regime is changed, many hard-won public interest policies and the progressive goals for which many strive today – from economic justice to combatting climate chaos from improved access to health care and affordable medicines to Internet freedom from avoiding future financial crises to food safety protections – are at risk. The goal of Public Citizen work is to empower people, the majority of whom are the losers under the current "trade" model, to build demand for change.
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Democratic Practice Program

Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF)

Democratic Practice Program

Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF)

Democratic Practice Program

Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF)

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