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  • Founded1970

Public Service of Wallonia (Service Publique de Wallonie) (SPW)

Its creation and its evolution The Walloon Region was created in the texts in 1970. It will be necessary to await the reform of 1980 to see it born on the ground with the establishment of regional institutions, Council and Executive. The special law of 8 August 1980 on institutional reforms gave the legal basis necessary for the transfer of staff from the central administration to the Communities and Regions. The new Walloon administration therefore had to have staff enabling it to fully exercise its powers. Begun in 1979, the transfer of staff from the central State enabled the Walloon Region to have an administration from 1983. Some 1,500 agents were, at that time, concerned by this transfer. From that moment, the Region really had an administration called the Ministry of the Walloon Region (MRW). The central services of the MRW have been established in Namur chosen as the regional capital. As for the Walloon Ministry of Equipment and Transport (MET), it was created in 1989. In 2006, the Government initiated a major reform of its administration in order to strengthen the quality and efficiency of services, and to better respond to the new demands of society. Since 2008, the 2 Ministries, MRW and MET, have merged and given birth to the Public Service of Wallonia (SPW). In December 2013, the 6th reform of the Belgian State was adopted, which entered into force on July 1, 2014. Concretizing the displacement of the center of gravity from the federal State to the federated entities, the Regions (and in particular the SPW) are seen entrust important additional responsibilities with regard to employment, economy, mobility, health, assistance to people and road safety. Some come to reinforce materials which they already exerted, thus reconstituting homogeneous poles, while others open new fields of action until then largely falling under the federal State. The transfer of skills accelerated in 2015. Significant blocks of skills are now exercised by Wallonia. This process will continue gradually, until 2020.
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