Public Works Execution Agency in the Central African Republic (Agence d'Exécution des Travaux d'Intérêt Public en Centrafrique) (AGETIP-CAF)

Purpose of the Agency The role of The AGETIP-FCA is to support the Central African state, governments and local authorities in the development and execution of development works and urban and rural development. Its objective is to improve the environment and the standard of living of Central Africans.  The Agency also intervenes in the context of emergency programs which consist in providing immediate solutions to populations facing difficulties. The AGETIP-CAF  has the human, material and financial resources necessary for the implementation and management of such initiatives throughout the Central African territory. Its proven expertise in project management makes it a reliable partner.
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Company Offices

  • Central African Republic (headquarters)
  • Bangui
  • Rue de Flande, Terminal Nord, BP
  • 895