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Public Works Research Institute (PWRI)

Objectives and Projects Independent Administrative Agency Public Works Research Institute is one of Japan's representing research institutes that has been established with an aim to efficiently develop public works technologies and quality social capital by conducting research and development concerning public works, technological instruction and distribution of its research results at the same time as to contribute to promotion of development of Hokkaido. In April, 2006, Independent Administrative Agency Public Works Research Institute, whose parent organization had been Road Materials Laboratory, Public Works Bureau, Department of the Interior established in 1921, and Independent as the Hokkaido Civil Engineering Institute, whose parent organization had been Public Works Department Laboratory, Hokkaido Government, Department of the Interior established in 1937, were integrated to be newly launched. Public Works Research Institute accurately identifies social requirements, the people's needs and international needs and, by producing quality research results, aims to return benefits of its research results to society. In order to attain those achievements, the research departments of four institutions, Tsukuba Central Research Institute, Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region, International Center for Water Hazard and Risk Management and Center for Advanced Engineering Structural Assessment and Research, implement research on prevention and reduction of natural disasters, improvement of living environment, advanced social capital stock management, measures regarding global environment issues such as energy/ resource saving, development of social capital suitable for the snow piling cold climate, advanced research and development such as new materials/ new construction methods for development of Hokkaido's agricultural and fisheries foundation and research and development in basic areas such as phenomenon/ mechanism analysis and general technologies that forms the foundation of the entire public works technologies.
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  • 1-6 Minamihara, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken, 305-8516