• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Independent/None
  • Founded2012


Raf-Ojakh is an import and export as well as forwarding company based in Yerevan. 7 years ago, in the company of "Raf-Ojakh" it was decided to create an original vodka brand. In initial concepts the marketing experts tried to emphasize the Armenian roots of the new brand. According to one of them, they wanted to name the vodka “Gutan” (plow) with the image of a plow on the label, and on the other hand they even offered to wrap the bottle in paper. However, none of these ideas gave a proper idea of the quality and origin of vodka. They manufacture Premium Vodka of wheat spirit with the volume of 40 %, Armenian Brandy, Cognac and Fruit Wine. The manufacturing is done according to the international standards with 100 % natural ingredients.
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Company Offices

  • Armenia
  • Yerevan
  • Vardanants 112, Yerevan 0070, ArmeniaVardanants 112, Yerevan 0070, Armenia