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Ramathibodi Foundation

From the problem of medical treatment of patients who lack funds continuously increasing Causing insufficient government support to support patients in an efficient and timely manner, while others requesting donations To assist in many projects Professor Aree Wanyasewi, MD, first dean of Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital With the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Medicine Saw the importance and the opportunity to heal illnesses Therefore agreed to establish a foundation to support the activities of the Faculty of Medicine as the first government hospital in Thailand under the name "Ramathibodi Foundation" on May 12, 1969. By acting as a fundraising center from donors who have donated funds And allocated To support the development of medicine, helping the patient breath to have access to treatment at full efficiency at all levels With the benefit that has been created for society and people King Kanittha Thiraj Krom Phrathom Thep Rattanarajsuda Siam Received the Ramathibodi Foundation In the royal patronage Beginning October 1, 2008 For over 50 years, the "Ramathibodi Foundation" is still operating as "Bridge of giving" to develop public health circles Production of medical personnel Continue to provide Thai people with sustainable good health in accordance with the motto "the word ... never ends
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