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(RED) is a brand designed to engage business and consumer power to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.  (RED) works with the world’s best brands to make unique (PRODUCT) RED-branded products and direct up to 50% of their gross profits to the Global Fund to invest in African AIDS programs. (RED) is not a charity or "campaign.” It is an economic initiative that aims to deliver a sustainable flow of private sector money to the Global Fund.   Since (PRODUCT) RED launched in 2006, (RED) partnerships with American Express (UK only), Apple, Bugaboo, Converse, Dell, Emporio Armani, Gap, Hallmark, Nike, Penfolds, Penguin Classics, and Starbucks, and (RED) events have generated more than $170 million for the Global Fund. Before (RED) launched, businesses had contributed just $5 million to the Global Fund in four years while the public sector had given more than $5 billion.   WHAT IS THE GLOBAL FUND? The Global Fund is the organization that (RED) works with to put the money generated from (PRODUCT) RED products and events, directly on the ground in Africa. The Global Fund is the world's leading financer of programs to fight AIDS,  tuberculosis and malaria. The Global Fund invests 100% of (RED) dollars in HIV/AIDS programs in Africa.  Programs supported by (RED) and the Global Fund have reached over 7.5 million people to date.   HOW (RED) WORKS  Established brands partner with us and license the (PRODUCT) RED™ mark to create (PRODUCT) RED products and services. (PRODUCT) RED partners agree to give up to 50% of the profits from (PRODUCT) RED items directly to the Global Fund. The consumer does not pay extra for this. (RED) never handles this money – it is sent directly to the Global Fund with no overhead taken out. That means that 100% of the money from the sale of (PRODUCT) RED  items goes directly to the ground in Africa in the form of Global Fund (RED) grants. A licensing fee for use of the (PRODUCT) RED mark is charged to manage and market the (RED) brand. This fee is paid by (PRODUCT) RED partners, and does not infringe on the amount of money they send to the Global Fund via sales of (PRODUCT) RED items, nor does it affect the cost of the (PRODUCT) RED items.   (RED)’S IMPACT There are currently six HIV and AIDS grants in the Global Fund (RED) Portfolio in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia. 100% of all (RED) contributions to the Global Fund goes to the implementation of these grants, no overhead is taken out.  These grants support locally-designed programs that provide antiretroviral therapy for HIV positive individuals, support HIV prevention, feed and educate children orphaned by AIDS and provide the low-cost treatments needed to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV from mother to child.  There are currently more than 240,000 HIV-positive people on antiretroviral therapy, more than 95,000 HIV positive pregnant women have received preventative antiretroviral therapy to reduce the risk of mother-tochild transmission and more than 7 million people have undergone HIV testing and counseling due to support of funds from the Global Fund and (RED).  
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