• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Foundation, Advocacy NGO

Red Cross of The Republic of North Macedonia

MRC is a voluntary, large, independent humanitarian organization of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and it acts and operates as a non-governmental and non-political organization on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. In compliance with the Macedonian Red Cross Statutes the organizational structure is on state level, branch level, City Red Cross of Skopje and local level. The governance structure is comprised as follows: the assembly comprised of 75 representatives of the Macedonian Red Cross branches out of which obligatory one of them is the president of each RC branch, four representatives of the youth, the President of the Assembly who is also the President of the Executive Board, two vice-presidents, the finance commission, the Executive Board comprised of 15 members and the advisory bodies of the Executive Board. The responsibilities of the governance structure are defined in the Macedonian Red Cross Statutes. The management structure is headed by the Secretary General and the roles and responsibilities are defined with the Macedonian Red Cross Statutes. The youth members of Macedonian Red Cross (youth and junior youth) are organized within the Youth Red Cross.
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Company Offices

  • Macedonia (FYROM)
  • Skopje
  • Kocho Racin no.13 1000 – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia