• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Independent/None
  • Staff251-500
  • Founded2014

Reina Madre Clinicas de la Mujer

Founded in 2014, Reina Madre is the first network of women's clinics in the country that through an innovative business model can offer high quality services in gynecology-obstetrics and pediatrics at a price +/- 30% lower than competitors of similar quality. The main differentiators are the facilities, the specialization and the price. The facilities are the reflection of our motto "let's celebrate life". We take extreme care in the design of each corner, so that with all the safety measures of a hospital, it does not feel like it. The environment transmits joy, health, energy and life. One of our pillars is Medical Excellence, supported by rigorous processes, which helps us maintain quality in each of our services. The specialization helps us not only to reduce costs and be more efficient, but also to be the best in gynecology and to offer an experience like the one that few hospitals can offer. Thanks to our model, in Toluca we are the private hospital that gives the most gynecological consultations and that takes more births.   Contact Details Headquarters: Patriotismo Avenue 671 PB San Juan Mixcoac, 03730 Mexico City Telephone: (55) 8526 6020
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