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THEIR TEAM AT RES FOUNDATION WORKS TO INFUSE: their shared values and commitment to the proliferation of public goods into the realities of current policy making environments in Serbia, Western Balkans and Southeast Europe and to do so in a way which resonates with key stakeholders, thus ensuring policy is well informed, owned by its stakeholders and effective.   THEY INVITE YOU TO SUPPORT THEIR QUEST FOR: replacement of quick policy fixes within the perceived limitations of urgency and financial constraints, with sustainably constructed networks for fledgling resilience. Unfortunately, their work grows more relevant all the time, as protracted waves of crises, such as economic, financial, climate-related disasters, refuges & migration, break against their deeply held beliefs and challenge us to reinforce development with networks of partnerships for democratic, participatory, inclusive, socially and environmentally responsible and well informed policy making. As market–makers, their corporate partners know that sustainable business growth everywhere, but especially in stagnating and fragmented markets of Serbia, Western Balkans and Southeast Europe can only come from products, services and business models designed for resilience. Such business models in Energy, Environmental services, Green economy and Related innovations to more traditional economic sectors, will require Informed, Qualified and Innovative connections to all stakeholders, customers and public sector agencies alike, Providing sound value propositions which resonate well with government and policy makers at all levels whilst Engaging informed civil society and other partners into networks of environmental and social sustainability and economic resilience. THEY WORK IN SERBIA, WESTERN BALKANS AND SOUTHEAST EUROPE TO INFUSE POLICY-MAKING WITH Stakeholder engagement, and commitment to Environmental and social sustainability, Efficiency and Inclusive policy ownership. They “oil the cogs" of integrative processes which consolidate society and markets at all levels, To allow for a greater and more resilient absorption capacity of Serbia and their Western Balkans region. THEY DEVELOP AND DEPLOY INNOVATIVE APPROACHES TO OFTEN OLD DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES  TO DRIVE FORWARD COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS ON: Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Poverty and energy poverty eradication, Increasing employment opportunities and income generation in the green economy, Improving the state of the environment and of public health, etc. They  invite you to join us in nesting their  region’s development in safe and stable networks of informed stakeholders, designed for sustainability of outcomes and replicability of solutions.

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