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Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE)

BACKGROUND   RISE seeks to understand what features make education systems coherent and effective in their context, and how the complex dynamics within a system allow policies to be successful. We hope that lessons generated from the Programme will lead to positive policy change and can be used to concentrate resources and efforts to accelerate the rate of learning in developing countries. By looking at various education system features, such as the way in which goals are set; progress is assessed and measured; the teaching profession is structured and supported; schools are financed and managed; students and parents engage with the system and make choices; and innovations are produced, evaluated and diffused to scale; we can begin to see a broader picture of how these features might work together to enable an effective system. The process of compiling the multi-faceted research on education systems and turning it into coherent and accessible policy recommendations, occurs through the relationship between the following groups: Country Research Teams (CRTs) – Responsible for the detailed research and data related to education systems in their respective countries. The teams will also actively engage with the relevant policy makers to help inform their research. Intellectual Leadership Team (ILT) – Comprised of world-renowned scholars with expertise in various aspects of education systems, development, measurement, and analysis, the ILT provides thought leadership, research advice, and scholarly assessment of RISE activities and output. The ILT produces working papers and provides insight into the field of education systems research. Directorate – Leads, manages and implements the research programme. Responsible for synthesising the ideas and research of the CRTs and ILT into policy recommendations and output for a global audience.
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