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Rivierenland Water Board

Rivierenland Water Board is a government organization, just like the central government, the provinces and the municipalities. The Rivierenland Water Board is responsible for water management in the river area. Mission, vision, core values ​​and strategy The Rivierenland water board ensures clean water and safe dikes. Read what we stand for and how we want to achieve that. The mission of the Rivierenland Water Board The starting point for all activities and projects of the Rivierenland Water Board is formed by the core mission, the mission: Rivierenland Water Board ensures safe dikes and a balanced water system. Safe dikes In the river area with its many dikes, the emphasis is on protection against river water. Certainly now that major dyke improvement projects are being carried out and the Rivierenland Water Board is making an important contribution to the Flood Protection Program. So that the inhabitants of the river area can safely live, work and recreate in their beautiful but vulnerable living environment. Enough water A balanced water system requires a good balance between water supply and drainage. So that the inhabitants keep their feet dry in times of precipitation and have sufficient water available in times of drought. With locks, weirs and pumping stations, we ensure a water level that matches what is needed in the river area. We take into account the different interests of nature, agriculture, recreation, business and residents. Clean water In addition, we ensure good water quality. Clean water contributes to a good living environment for people, animals and plants. We purify the wastewater from villages and towns in the river area. And we ensure that the surface water does not get polluted. So that the inhabitants of the river area can enjoy the water in their environment. Balance in the water system also refers to the considerations that are always made, taking into account other parties, the environment and the future. The core values ​​of the Rivierenland Water Board The core values ​​indicate how the organization does its work. They determine the way we work for the coming years. The core values ​​of the Rivierenland Water Board are: competent, involved, reliable Competent The core value competent  stands for expertise, expertise and craftsmanship. A craftsmanship that has grown over the centuries at the water boards and is maintained to this day with experienced, specialized and well-trained employees. Competent also means: looking for new solutions with knowledge, using the resources at our disposal. Concerned The core value involved includes: having an eye for other interests, cooperating, moving with developments, taking the future into account. We always keep our core tasks in mind. Reliable The core value reliably refers to: doing what you say and saying what you do. For a government it is very natural and basic, and that is precisely why we think about it every day. The vision of Rivierenland Water Board The work of the Rivierenland Water Board affects all people in the river area. In order to make living and working in this area possible, now and in the future, we ensure optimum performance of our duties in the field of water safety, water system and water chain.  
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