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Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund (RCNF)

The Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund (RCNF): is the first international fund that specifically aims to strengthen international networks across the world is a cooperation of donors and civil society networks that are active in the area of HIV provides both programmatic and core funding to international civil society networks pays particular attention to inadequately served populations (ISP), the communities and populations most in need of effective HIV prevention, treatment, care and support RCNF offers civi society networks: enhanced involvement of inadequately served populations in the HIV response the opportunity to build and/or strengthen networks’ capacity the opportunity to enhance the health of and human rights for inadequately served populations RCNF offers donors: a predictable flow of resources through a pooled funding mechanism a bridge to inadequately served populations an opportunity to coordinate the response a unique inventory of the demand from civil society a way to compare and encourage quality Mission The Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF), launched in Washington DC in July 2012,  aims to support civil society networks in addressing critical factors for scaling up access to HIV  prevention, treatment, care and support and to protect the rights of inadequately served populations (ISP) across the world. RCNF responds to the reduction in adequate and reliable funding for networks. While at country level inadequate attention is paid to the communities and populations most in need of effective HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, and to the protection of their human rights. Inadequately served populations (ISP) include people living with HIV, gay men and other men who have sex with men, people who use drugs, prisoners, sex workers and transgender people. In a number of localities, women and girls, youth, migrants and people living in rural areas could also be considered ISP. RCNF has a strong focus on civil society networks as they play a crucial role in addressing barriers to universal access to HIV-services. When properly resourced and effective, many networks influence important policy developments at global, regional and national levels, that often lead to more effective and efficient national and local programs – delivered by governments as well as civil society. Vision “Getting to zero”. Zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths. Objectives The Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund is committed to: improve global and regional network capacity enhance HIV response implementation support human rights advocacy increase resource accountability for the HIV respons
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