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Robotic Air Systems

They are a Peruvian company specialized in research and development of hardware and software for industrial autonomous aerial systems. Robotic Air Systems accompanies its clients during the integral process of adopting the technology. In a first phase, they perform operations as a service to show the effectiveness of the technology applied to the customer's need. During this phase they  give you the peace of mind that will achieve the expected results thanks to the fact that their teams operate, safely, in the most complex geographical environments of Peru. In a second phase, they advise their clients to make the decision on how to adopt the technology. A detailed study is made of the needs within the client's facilities and a plan of action is drawn up. The autonomous systems will carry out activities that involve human risk or that are very complex or expensive to be carried out in another way. Their experienced team of professionals designs a solution that integrates different technologies. This phase concludes with the client's decision to equip themselves with the suggested equipment and software or to continue opting for the service modality. In the third phase, of development and implementation, they manufacture the necessary solutions and train progressively in the operation of the system and software to the client's personnel. At the conclusion of the process, the operation is in charge of said personnel, while RAS is in charge of monitoring the system and upgrades over time Hardware They design and manufacture aerial robotic equipment to operate successfully in extreme geographical and climatological conditions. Why develop autonomous aerial systems in Peru? Peru is a country that meets the most extreme geographical conditions in the world. Deserts with hurricane winds, mountains that surpass 5,000 masl, tropical rainforest, climates with temperatures from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius, maritime coast, canyons, rivers, streams. Very diverse characteristics concentrated in a single place, which make Peru the ideal laboratory to develop and submit real field tests to their equipment.    
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