• Organization TypeInstitute

Rwanda Polytechnic (RP)

THEIR VISION To provide quality education that complies with applicable standards through vocational education that enables beneficiary to acquire skills required to create jobs and compete in the labour market. RP has the following main mission: to prepare technical and vocational education curricula for their use at various technical and vocational training levels and submit them to the competent authority for approval; to offer technical and vocational courses leading to certificate or diploma; to provide science and technology based technical and vocational training as well as education which enable the beneficiary to create jobs for personal development and contribute to national development; to carry out and promote research and technology in technical and vocational fields and disseminate their findings to foster national development; to participate in the discovery, exchange and preservation of knowledge in  technical and vocational field ; to promote education, culture and Rwandan values; to impart knowledge required to provide technical and vocational education and apprenticeship training; to offer in-service training to practitioners in various fields to develop their technical and vocational skills; to coordinate programmes and activities aimed at developing teaching and research staff within institutions of technical and vocational education, upgrade their knowledge and skills capacities and improve their management; to contribute to finding solutions to other problems related to national development; to cooperate and collaborate with other national, regional or international institutions with similar mission in order to achieve its mission.
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