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SARAD GmbH was founded in 1993 as a German company and is working in the field of sensor- and security technology. Main residence is the Capital of Saxony Dresden with offices in China, Kazakhstan, Latin America, Russia and South Africa. Their main office and production facility is about 2000 sqm and has all modern high-tech equipment and tools for production and a metrological laboratory for instruments calibration and quality control. Engineering and production staff of SARAD has wide-range experience in science, research and development. They engineer and manufacture the measuring techniques for Radon and its daughter products as well as radiation aerosol monitors. Their quality management (QM) system meets all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Total quality control on all stages of development, purchasing and manufacturing processes let them develop and produce only high quality professional trouble-free equipment for secure work and life. An innovative design and their own detector technology together with long years’ experiences in the instrumentation in non-urban regions are the warranty for an intuitive and safe handling of their products and for flexible and robust solutions with continuous data acquisition done under field conditions. The innovative power and potential of their Company was appreciated by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany and the official German institutions such as the Government of Saxony for several times. Since more than 20 years they develop innovative equipment detecting the hazards caused by radioactive aerosols and they offer the world largest and most unique spectrum of measuring techniques for Radon / Thoron activity concentration in the air and their daughter products (equilibrium equivalent concentration (EEC)) as well as radioactive aerosol monitors for nearly any application. There are a big number of applications which their devices and systems can be used for, but main of them are: - Personal dosimetry - Environmental monitoring - Public safety - Home security - Fixed/mobile area / building monitoring - Radiological safety on industrial sites - Radiation protection and nuclear safety - Mining industry - Radiological and isotope laboratories - Detection of contamination in food, soil, water and other probes - Geophysical applications SARAD GmbH today”s offers to their clients worldwide: - Development and manufacturing of sensor systems detecting radioactive alpha, beta and gamma radiation in soil, water and in the air - Development and manufacturing of self-configurationg sensor networks for mobile area monitoring and protection of first responders. - Development and manufacturing of comprehensive environment monitoring systems with application in environment protection and survilance of climatic changes - System engineering and manufacturing monitoring vehicles for security applications - "RiskProtect"-software to understand and control complex risky situations in cases of terrorism, organized crime or emergencies, which cannot be predicted. Such scenarios are subject to a large number of factors influencing each other; their temporary behaviour generates a very high complexity. Without specific software ineffective or faulty decisions in many cases are the consequence. Sometimes measures may cause the opposite of their intention. They are involved into several German and European competence networks established to increase the security of "critical infrastructures" like airports, harbours, railway systems or chemical plants. To achieve the ambitious security goals SARAD is cooperating within several networks of forward-looking companies, research institutes and organisations. All customers of SARAD will benefit from the competence which is available in these networks. Worldwide SARAD GmbH is one of the leading developer and manufacturer of nuclear radiation detectors, especially for the Radon/Thoron detection and detection of radioactive aerosols.  

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