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Science And Development ME Co.

SADco is leading specialized provider of medical equipment in Jordan, was established in 1995 to become a sole agent of the Stryker Corporation in Jordan and the sister company of SADco Abu Dhabi, UAE. Founded by AbdulMajid Awad, a financial expert and Daoud Siksik, a prolific businessman, SADco Jordan has become a key player in the medical technologies market. Combining expert knowledge and financial strength, SADco earned its status as a comprehensive provider for hospital projects. Moreover, such strengths enabled SADco Jordan to grow vertically with Stryker Corporation and horizontally with other manufacturers in the region. For SADco, the recipe for success is simple: a direct, hand-on approach with every project, an ongoing sensitivity to the needs of local hospitals, doctors and surgeons, and the belief in the power of specialization. Mission High-quality Service and Effective Equipment They demand from the staff being friendly to the customers They strive to satisfy your requests They set the moderate prices The impeccable quality system of medical equipment. Constant work to improve the management and quality control, they also try study and apply best practices. The quality of their services and convenience to each of our clients - that's exactly what they want. Core Value Specialization Specialization is their number one core value. With specialization, each member of SADco’s team is committed and held accountable for his/her own responsibilities. Specialization is also reflected in their product divisions, their brand choices and their approach to projects where they tackle each aspect of the project separately with the needed materials and resources. Integrity Integrity is a core value that ensures each SADco customer is met with products that truly represent his currents needs. Integrity is maintained in every step from choosing brands to represent, delivering products to training and maintaining equipment for efficiency and accuracy. Growth Constant growth is a core value that is essential to SADco’s day-to-day workflow. At SADco, improvement – no matter how small – must be made every day. All employees are encouraged to improve their skill set and experience to help in better customer service for customers.
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