• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO

Seattle Against Slavery

  Seattle Against Slavery mobilizes the community in the fight against labor and sex trafficking through education, advocacy, and collaboration with local and national partners. The organization envisions a community where no one is exploited for labor or sex. Prevention of Human Trafficking: Trafficking Prevention for Schools is their program to educate and empower young people to become allies in the fight against human trafficking. The curriculum for high school students creates a safe environment for participants to discuss sensitive issues such as gender, sexuality, violence, oppression, and privilege. In the end, the students are equipped to understand human trafficking and exploitation, have healthy relationships, and understand both social and personal responsibility. Their Men’s Accountability programs seek to engage men in discussing in a blame-free environment the cultural factors & behavior that lead to gender-based violence and sexual exploitation. Through programs like the 10-week Stopping Sexual Exploitation program and Men Engaging Men to End Violence, they aim to prevent human trafficking through education and personal responsibility. A major component of their technology program, Freedom Signal, is the prevention of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation through deterrence of buyers who may be purchasing trafficked sex. With the use of search ad and social media deterrence, they aim to interrupt buyers in the process of exploiting potential trafficking victims.
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