• Organization TypeGovernment
  • Founded1891

Secretaria da Fazenda do Estado de Pernambuco (Pernambuco State Finance Secretariat) (SEFAZ-PE)

The Secretariat of Finance of Pernambuco (Sefaz-PE), an organ of the Direct Administration of the Executive Branch, aims to develop and execute the State's tax policy; proceed with taxation, collection and inspection of state taxes; standardize the procedures related to the tax collection process; develop and execute the State's financial policy, including public accounting and indebtedness, as well as standardize procedures related to the process of drafting legislation regarding financial programming and execution and public accounting.   The Secretary of Finance is responsible for advising the Governor on matters within the scope of his portfolio; define and establish the policies, guidelines and rules of the secretariat's internal organization; plan, direct and control the actions of the secretariat; issue normative acts for the enforcement of laws, decrees and regulations relating to the secretariat, as well as appear before the Legislative Assembly, in the cases and for the purposes constitutionally provided for. Founded on September 21, 1891, with the publication of Law No. 6, the formerly called Secretariat of Finance of Pernambuco aimed to discipline the State's revenue and expenditure, in addition to providing the necessary resources for its maintenance. The first holder of the portfolio was Father Afonso de Albuquerque e Melo. The centenary institution, already called the State Secretariat of Business of the Treasury of Pernambuco, went through several political and historical moments in Brazil, increasing or decreasing its field of action according to the reality of the time. In the past 124 years, 54 secretaries have administered the Pernambuco Finance Secretariat (Sefaz-PE). Some even ran the portfolio more than once. Highlight for Miguel Arraes de Alencar, who took over for the first time in 1948, staying until 1950, and again in 1959. Others only managed public accounts for a few days, such as Major Benedito Cezar Rodrigues, secretary of Finance for 22 days in 1937.
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