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Secretaria de Las Mujeres (Secretary of Women) (Mexico)

The general objective of the Institute is to promote, encourage and implement the conditions that make possible non-discrimination, equal opportunities, the full exercise of all women's rights and their equal participation in the public and private spheres, as well as design, coordinate, apply and evaluate the General Program of Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination against women and those derived therefrom, as well as the correct application and implementation of the provisions of the Law on Substantive Equality between Women and Men in Mexico City. Strategic Goals Influence the formulation of public policies and the structures (organizational, procedural and normative) of the DF's public administration to achieve substantive equality. Promote programs and actions that favor the empowerment and exercise of women's citizenship. Transform discriminatory sociocultural patterns to build equal relationships between women and men. Establish an institutional structure that guarantees compliance with the powers of Inmujeres DF.
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  • Mexico
  • Avenida Morelos 20 Colonia Centro, AlcaldĂ­a CuauhtĂ©moc CP 06000, Mexico City