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Secretariat of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Salvador (Secretaria de Cultura e Turismo da Prefeitura Municipal de Salvador)

Salvador - National Tourism Development Program in Salvador In line with the objective of PRODETUR Nacional, the PRODETUR Salvador Action Plan for our city proposes interventions that aim at the environmental, socio-cultural and economic sustainability of tourism, in order to improve the quality of life of the population in Salvador. Our general objective is to promote the development of tourism, aiming at increasing the income and formal employment of the population of Salvador, with an emphasis on local culture and people of African descent. The specific objectives of PRODETUR Salvador are: to increase the expenses of tourists visiting the city, as well as the share of these expenses that benefits the local population and, in particular, the Afro-descendant population, by encouraging cultural and sun and beach tourism, improving infrastructure and institutional support for tourism management.
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