Self injury Support is a charity. They were set up in 1986 as Bristol Crisis Service for Women to support women in emotional distress. They particularly help girls and women who harm themselves (often called self-injury). This is how some people cope with their feelings and problems. Aims To offer support to women in emotional distress, and particularly to those who self-injure. To develop services, and raise awareness of self-injury and mental health issues, through training and providing information. They have carried out a lot of research into the experiences and needs of women who self-injure. As well as helping to shape the own services, this work has also helped people: get a better understanding of self-injury; and find the best ways of working with people who self-injure. They have also written ‘good practice guidelines’ for working with people who self-injure. What they do run TESS text and email support for self-injury and self harm offer a Women’s Self-injury Helpline produce information and publications about self-injury deliver talks and self-injury training courses to professionals support self-injury self-help groups Self injury Support is run by a management group. TESS and the Women’s Self-injury Helpline are staffed by volunteers, who receive full training and support for their work. Volunteers work alongside paid workers in carrying out many aspects of the organisation’s work.

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