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Matrec, the specialist in the management of waste and residual materials Services Matrec offers an extended range of services for integrated residual materials management to meet the specific needs of its clients in the municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional sectors (ICI). Services Matrec will take over the integrated management of the residual materials you don’t use, from the collection to the disposal, through the conversion and recycling of these materials. If you no longer need a particular material, their mission is trying to find another use for it to extend its life cycle. All their trucks are equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) and a mobile communication system that guarantee an ongoing contact mobile between the drivers and the customer service agents.  They have at their disposal a large variety of containers to handle your requests in a quick and timely manner.  Their trucks are put through a very rigorous maintenance program and a team of experienced mechanics ensure the follow-up. Services : -Collection, disposal, treatment and conversion of domestic waste, recyclable materials, organic materials, and dry materials; -Rental and sale of standard and semi-underground containers, compactors and presses; -Portable toilets; -Consulting services Values: More than one million residents trust Services Matrec and its divisions to provide the collection of waste in their area. Over the years, the company has gained experience and acquired an undeniable ability to work in concert with its customers. The key to success : Supporting their employees! At Services Matrec, they offer a wide range of services in a safe working environment that is respectful of their employees. Their commitment to health and safety at work aims to protect their customers and their employees. To do this, Matrec is committed to training and informing its employees, to providing them with personal protective equipment and the necessary tools to do their jobs, and to supporting and assisting them in the performance of their daily duties. At Matrec, they are doing integrated residual materials management for a long time!  All their services (sorting centres, engineered landfill sites, eco-centres, collection of different recyclable materials, collection of organics, collection and sorting of construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) materials, LEED projects, collection of ultimate waste) have one common goal : giving you all the means possible for you to reach, and go beyond, your environmental protection objectives. History: Matrec, a diverse and innovative company! Services Matrec promotes an innovative and diversified approach to the integrated management of domestic and commercial waste, recyclable materials, organics, green residues, and construction, renovation and demolition residues. It has an approach that emphasizes the recovery of the materials.Services Matrec’s commitment to the protection of the environment is such that the head office attained Level 2 – Implementation in the RECYC-Quebec ICI on recycle! certification program. A few figures on Services Matrec:  -Several hundred thousand tons of domestic, commercial and industrial residual materials collected -Nearly 10,000 commercial and industrial customers -1 million households served -Nearly 650 employees -225 vehicles -1 composting plant located at Lafleche Environmental Inc. -4 sorting centres (recyclable or dry materials) -2 transfer centres (recyclable and/or dry materials) -3 engineered landfill sites (2 of them are producing electricity) -1 landfill site for contaminated soils -2 eco-centres -Composting program (ICI) Mission: Their mission: a customized service. Becoming a leader of Waste material management industry in Quebec through building solid relationships with their customers in the municipalities and the ICI sector. Matrec operates in every Quebec area, providing a comprehensive management of residual materials – taking care of collection and disposal as well as waste recovery and recycling.

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