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  • Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Service Providers
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1999
Simon International was founded in 1999 in Coral Gables, Florida, after its president drew on 30+ years of diplomatic and military experience in Europe and Latin America to enter the world of investment and commerce. Its vice president joined later, adding her own diplomatic and global risk consulting capacities. Scores of associates and partners are located in Asia, Europe, Southern Africa and Latin America. Corporate Development Undertaking international corporate development is a major step for most corporations. In some cases, it may mean opening up a whole international division to handle marketing, sales and logistics, while in others, it may require adding countries or regions to the company’s international operations. While the first category requires enormous changes in the way business is conducted, the second category also implies significant cultural, political and operations changes in the corporation. Simon International, with its wide international experience and ties as all levels of government and business in most regions worldwide, is equipped to assist corporations in identifying business opportunities abroad, establishing a corporate presence in other countries, and in gaining market share and winning projects.  Risk Consulting Simon International offers a range of risk consulting services, many of them focused on the pre-transaction stages of deal-making. The company to be acquired is the subject of the investigative due diligence services, brought to bear fairly early in the process of acquisition. Competitive intelligence can be useful before the transaction in order to understand the business environment and subsequent requirements for the client’s own corporate strategy and business processes. Political risk assessment is recommended at the pre-transaction stage as well, to cover the national and international settings. Subsequently, over the life of the investment, these assessments can be useful at critical junctures. These and other specialized services are equally useful under other challenging circumstances that a client may encounter. For example, investigative due diligence techniques may be paired with competitive intelligence approaches to deal with a newly hostile public relations environment that requires state-of-the-art information technology monitoring. Internal corporate fraud or intellectual property theft can also present circumstances that call for combining computer forensics & IT consulting. Please click on the specific topic for details about each of these services.

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