• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • HeadquartersItaly
  • Founded1985

Sineco SpA

Sineco was founded in 1985 with the aim to satisfy the logistic needs of its Group which operated in a field where deliveries “just on time” was a critical factor. Being strategically located near the port of La Spezia and within short distance from the main traffic route, it soon became perfectly qualified to be an efficient logistics company. In addition to the first two warehouses, other three were built and afterwards Sineco started its own trading activity by selling on the Italian Market the products of the biggest international groups, as well as the ones by the partner companies. Nowadays Sineco is a leading company in both logistics and trading field, in terms of turn over, market shares and handled volumes. Sineco is a leading supplier of ferroalloys, metals and minerals to the Italian steel, foundry and refractory industries. An organization of people providing logistic facilities for its commercial activity  and for all associated companies. Cutting, screening and packing lines for ferroalloys and non ferrous metals. A 50,000 sq. m. real estate of which 15,000 sq. m. of national and bonded warehouses, 5,000 sq. m. of offices, facilities and civil premises.  Reach Sineco SpA has completed the first phase of substance registration in compliance with REACH. In accordance with Article 20(2) of REACH, the ECHA has concluded the completeness check of all submitted registration dossiers and obtained the Reach Registration Number for each substance. This registrations entitles Sineco SpA to import these substances into the customs territory of the EU. Therefore, Sineco SpA has met the first registration deadline set by REACH. However, in the meanwhile, they are implementing the ECHA requirements accordingly to the next REACH stages.
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Company Offices

  • Italy (headquarters)
  • Trieste
  • 19020 Follo (Sp)
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia