• Organization TypeFoundation
  • Founded1995

Singing for Change (SFC Charitable Foundation, Inc.)

Singing for Change (SFC Charitable Foundation, Inc.)" is a private foundation established in 1995 by Jimmy Buffett, to reward the loyalty of friends, fans, and concert-goers around the country who supported his music career. Initially funded with contributions from Jimmy's 1995 summer tour, Singing for Change continues to receive one dollar from each concert ticket sold during his tours. (Yes...printed on the bottom of your tickets you may see the words "$1 to SFC Charitable Foundation" - that's them. And thanks for the contribution!) Funds raised during Jimmy's concert tour are redistributed each year in the form of grants to small, grassroots organizations located primarily in communities where he performs. Singing for Change has disbursed almost $11 million in grants in its 21-year history. Much of their day-to-day work involves researching organizations that are making a difference in communities in the U.S. and abroad. Understanding the issues that affect children, families and their environment is essential in order for Singing for Change to act as an effective steward and partner to their friends in the nonprofit sector. They enjoy building relationships with the inspiring people whose programs receive grants, and make it a point to familiarize theirselves with their achievements and challenges. It's a pleasure to work alongside some of the most innovative, talented, hardworking people in the world. As Jimmy's tour progresses across the country each year they read proposals and award grants on a rolling basis, learning more about effective, progressive grant making as they grow. Mission Statement Singing for Change funds organizations that inspire personal growth, community integration, and the enhanced awareness that collectively, people can bring about positive social change. They believe people can achieve sustainable self-sufficiency through vibrant, diverse communities. They focus their resources on inclusive, grassroots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts, where foundation support makes a significant difference. Most likely to be considered are organizations that keep their overhead low and collaborate with other groups in their community to find innovative ways of solving a common problem. For the past 20 years, Singing for Change (SFC) has partnered with progressive, community-based organizations addressing the root causes of social or environmental problems. They recently narrowed their focus to projects designed to promote self-sufficiency. Specifically, they look for groups that are  1. working to engage individuals in their communities,  2. helping people realize their full potential and become self-sufficient, and  3. creating lasting change in the communities they serve. Opportunity – Collaboration – Positive change… They envision a world where nonprofit organizations, large and small, provide compelling opportunities for individuals to discover their power to make a difference. Singing for Change partners with progressive, community-based, non-profit organizations addressing the root causes of social or environmental problems. Specifically, they look for groups that are working to find their potential, to engage individuals, and create lasting change in the communities they serve. The foundation promotes work on the forefront of social change — helping people and communities become smarter, safer, stronger, healthier, and whole. SFC primarily funds projects that serve children and families, the environment, and disenfranchised groups.  Working in specific issue areas enables them to link grantees in one part of the country with those working elsewhere for their mutual benefit and inspiration. They try to be mindful of community leaders’ sense of funding needs and their visions for innovation. What do they mean by the term "social change" and how does it compare to "social service?" Social change addresses the root causes of problems; social service addresses the consequences of those problems. Social change addresses whole communities, systems, and institutions; social service aids and assists individuals. The foundation does not usually offer grants to support social service programs.  
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