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Sisters of Charity Foundation (SFC)


  • Organization TypeFoundation
  • Founded2000
Providers of hope and dignity Founded in 2000, the purpose of the Sisters of Charity Foundation Fund is to provide hope, dignity and meaningful assistance to those who receive little or no funding from other sources. As a public non-profit company, the Sisters of Charity Foundation Limited seeks to sustain the legacy of compassion the Sisters of Charity have administered in Australia for more than 175 years. They achieve this through: Community Grants Program Each year they provide grants up to $10,000 for community projects and programs. These grants are aimed at helping groups who make a huge difference for those in need, but struggle to find funding through other avenues. They may be ineligible for government assistance, or be too small or lacking the right market appeal to attract the attention of larger organisations, but their causes are no less worthy and their needs are no less real. Tertiary Scholarships There are well-established links between education levels and poverty. Children with lower levels of education are far more likely to become adults living in poverty. By providing tertiary scholarships to young adults who have grown up in out-of-home care and don’t otherwise have the support to continue their education, they help break the poverty cycle and give these disadvantaged youths a chance to change their lives for the better. Providence House Homelessness is often a complex issue and especially difficult for asylum seekers. Up to 70% of asylum seekers receive no government support, 50% are not permitted to work and more than 30% are battling mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. Providence House provides emergency and transitional housing for asylum seekers who face the risk of nowhere else to go, along with other support services which give them the tools to contribute back to their community. A legacy of compassion With the generosity and support of their donors, they’ve helped countless groups and individuals across the width and breadth of Australia. From dental care assistance in Tasmania, to family support workers in WA; from the Men’s Shed program in Queensland, to the Safe Place Housing Program in NSW; from grief counselling in Victoria, to modified equipment for the disabled in the ACT, and camps for Indigenous children at risk in SA, they’ve continued to provide hope and assistance where it is needed. They’ve carried on the legacy of compassion, firmly established by the Sisters of Charity on their shores for more than 175 years. They also ensure that 100% of your donation goes directly to the people and programs you choose to help. There are no administration or operating costs to dilute your valuable contribution, so you know that every cent counts.

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