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BACKGROUND Since 1993, Social Development Group of the National University of Laos had provided technical assistance to the Farmer Irrigated Agriculture Training Project to organize various agricultural extension training for farmer groups. Since 1997, they have supported gender mainstreaming for the Lao Women’s Union (LWU) and various international and national agencies. This group has provided a large number of gender related activities and social development work including conduction of gender workshops; carry out a series of Training of Trainers workshop for development work; conduction of social research and survey projects; design and construction of irrigation projects; organization of workshop on integrated water resource management; training on rural development project management; development of national gender profile; formulation of national gender policy for various sectors; and project formulation and assessment. Under the 2009 decree on associations, SODA received an official registration from the Ministry of Home Affair to operate its mandate as a Non Profit Association for social development in January 2012. VISION Free of poverty, social equity, and gender equality for Lao PDR MISSION 1. Develop and implement the socio-economic development programs and projects to reduce poverty and promote social equity; 2. Lobbying and policy advocacy for sustainable development; 3. Design and conduct the social research for poverty reduction and sustainable development; and 4. Build capacity of the target groups and working partners on gender mainstreaming skills. MAIN GOAL To promote social equity and the rights of poor, women and vulnerable groups in Lao PDR are recognized and supported by the policies and practices of the Lao government and development partners, and by the wider community. MAIN ACITIVITIES 1. Develop and implement the socio-economic development programs and projects to promote social equity and empower vulnerable groups in the country; 2. Design and conduct the social research for poverty reduction and sustainable development; 3. Lobbying and advocacy in various national events and processes for sustainable development; 4. Capacity building activities of network members through participation in training and education activities, policy debate, conferences, workshops, exposure programs and other relevant activities; 5. Provide technical supports and facilitate gender mainstreaming and social inclusion in various sectors; and 6. Providing humanitarian assistance for social victims. OBJECTIVES The overall objective is to promote social equity, reduce poverty, and empower the socio- economic status of the vulnerable population. The key objectives are: 1) To build capacity and empower poor and vulnerable groups including women, ethnic and otherwise disenfranchised groups. 2) To enhance the quality of policy making through providing evidence based information and identification of policy solutions for a sustainable development in Lao PDR; 3) To provide a space for CSOs, policy makers, think tanks, and other stakeholders to share best practices and current strategies aimed at poverty reduction and tackling inequality through public policy; and 4) To provide technical assistance to CSOs, INGOs, Government agencies, and development agencies for gender mainstreaming and social inclusion in development interventions. PRIMARY BENEFICIARIES Vulnerable groups, Government staff, staff of NGOs and civil society organizations, and development partners Active in Sectors Agriculture and Food Security; Natural Resource Management; Environment; Education; Health; and Employment and Livelihood Development, Child right, and Private Sector (gender, ethnicity, and good governance as cross cutting themes for all sectors) Active in Provinces Nationwide

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