Social Impact

Social Impact's mission is to create dramatic improvements in the performance of organizations and programs working to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of people around the world. SI's unique approach-drawn from global "best practices" in managing positive social change—harnesses the participation, collective knowledge and commitment of diverse groups to accomplish measurable and enduring development results. SI provides a full range of innovative management consulting, technical assistance and training services to strengthen international development programs, organizations and policies. SI works across sectors to reduce poverty; improve health, education and the lives of women and children; promote peace and democratic governance; strengthen civil society; foster economic growth; and protect the environment. SI's clients include public and private aid agencies, civil society organizations and governments at various levels.    SERVICES Aid Effectiveness - SI provides innovative, comprehensive institutional strengthening services, policy advice and technical assistance to help aid agencies become more effective agents of development and social change. Civil Society Strengthening - SI provides comprehensive, integrated services for strengthening the performance of civil society organizations by building on organizational assets, competencies and best practices. Project & Program Design - SI provides state-of-the-art services to improve the quality of project and program designs using results-based and participatory planning methods. Performance Monitoring - SI provides services to establish practical systems for monitoring and managing the performance of international development and social change activities. Program Evaluation - SI provides a full range of evaluation services from impact evaluation to participatory and empowerment evaluations to help organizations learn, demonstrate results, and focus their strategies. Gender & Social Analysis - SI provides a full range of gender and social analysis services for groups working in all sectors so that women and marginalized groups become a central focus of development. Strategic Planning - SI provides cutting-edge strategic planning and management services helping organizations to create a shared vision and strategy that mobilizes groups to achieve lasting results. Effective Teams - SI provides a full range of team building services to help organizations capture the collective wisdom and energy of diverse teams to catalyze development results. Partnerships - SI provides innovative services to help organizations design and manage more effective partnerships and networks to achieve social, economic and environmental goals. Group Facilitation - SI provides creative and energizing group facilitation services to help development and social change organizations accomplish their group tasks more efficiently and effectively. Training -  Training—coupled with an organizational development approach—helps organizations achieve a higher level in attaining development results.
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Job openings over the past year

Examples of past jobs

  • Deputy Project Director, USAID Rural Water Research and Learning, Washington, DC
    United States, United States
  • Project Director, USAID Rural Water Research and Learning, Washington, DC
    United States
  • Program Manager | Impact Evaluation (IE) Division | Arlington, VA
    United States
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Specialist

Staff at Social Impact have experience in


  • monitoring / evaluation
  • development
  • research & development
  • data management
  • international development


  • goal global
  • test


  • united states
  • ethiopia
  • uganda
  • australia
  • ghana


  • managerial experience
  • business development
  • experience in recruitment
  • international experience
  • with experience in conflict areas


Monitoring / Evaluation
Procurement Process
Research & Development
Data Management
Personnel / Human Resources
Architecture / Design
Economic Policy
Performance Measurement
Climate Change
Events / Training

Contract Awards

DFID 7448 Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA) - Lot 1: Impact Evaluation

Department for International Development (DFID) - United Kingdom

Provision of Management Consultancy Services

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Provision of Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) - United States

Zambia Prevention, Care and Treatment Partnership Bridge II (ZPCTIIB)

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Engaging in Public Financial Management Reforms

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Evaluation and Survey Services

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Foreign economic-aid-related services: Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (Lot 18)

Department for International Development (DFID) - United Kingdom

USAID Malawi Country Development Cooperation Strategy Impact Evaluation

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Company Offices

  • United States (headquarters)
  • Arlington
  • 2300 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 300
  • Virginia 22201