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Society for the Development and Promotion of Senegal Coasts and Tourist Zone (SAPCO-Senegal)

Purpose of SAPCO-SENEGAL The Société d'Aménagement et de Promotion des Côtes et Zones Touristiques du Sénégal (SAPCO-SENEGAL) is a public limited company created in 1975 with a capital of 1.2 billion CFA francs 98.75% owned by the company. State of Senegal and 1.25% by the Société Nationale de Recouvrement (SNR). Initially set up to implement tourist development on the Petite Côte, SAPCO-SENEGAL has seen its intervention extended to the national level since the extension of its powers in 2004. At the end of a new General Agreement signed on November 21, 2013 with the State of Senegal, the Government assigned to SAPCO-SENEGAL the fundamental objective of creating, developing and promoting tourism. Mission of SAPCO-SENEGAL In order to achieve its objective, SAPCO-SENEGAL has been entrusted with the following missions: Constitute Zones of Tourist Interest (ZIT) throughout the national territory to ensure land control; Register the identified ITZs in the name of the State; Look for national and foreign investors likely to finance hotel and para hotel projects on the different identified sites; Create tourist resorts on these sites, in particular by carrying out basic amenities (roads and various networks), community facilities and a planted environment; Transfer or rent serviced or unserviced land to qualified promoters or managers; Ensure compliance, by developers called upon to establish themselves in the area, with planning and architectural standards and rules, within the framework of the development plan established by the government. Manage tourist resorts by ensuring the maintenance of equipment, cleanliness and environmental health, the safety of people and goods, the promotion of investments to attract a maximum of customers and finally ensure the animation; And generally, all commercial, financial and real estate operations directly or indirectly linked to this objective and likely to facilitate its achievement.
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