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SolarOne Solutions



  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded2004
SolarOne Solutions, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells commercial-scale, solar-powered lighting and light emitting diode (“LED”) technology for use in a variety of outdoor applications such as parking lots, streets, pathways, pedestrian areas, landscapes, outdoor signage and shelters.  SolarOne is a recognized leader in the “grid-independent” outdoor area lighting segment and was the first company to deploy successful commercial-grade photovoltaic/LED large-area lighting systems. SolarOne was founded in 2004 and initially explored several environmental technologies.  Over time, the company focused its efforts on off-grid lighting solutions enabled by decreasing costs of both PV modules and LED lighting.  Today, SolarOne’s off-grid lighting solutions reduce customers’ environmental footprint while saving them money, shortening project times and providing additional flexibility in the layout of their projects.  SolarOne’s products and services offer the greatest value to new lighting installations and retrofits of existing systems with deteriorating infrastructure.  In addition to offering its own branded lighting solutions, SolarOne partners with leading light fixture manufacturers, enabling it to offer a broad product portfolio while delivering a cost-effective substitute to traditional alternate current (“AC”) powered outdoor lighting systems.   SolarOne’s solar LED lighting solutions combine its proprietary SO-Bright® technology, which includes solar-generated power and energy management technology, with highly efficient LED lamps.  SolarOne has developed proprietary lighting controllers that deliver the highest reliability and power efficiency on the market. 

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