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  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Staff1001-5000
  • Development Budget25 Million - 50 Million
  • HeadquartersFrance
  • Founded1980
Solidarites International is a humanitarian organisation which provides aid and assistance to victims of war or natural disaster. For 30 years the association has concentrated its action on meeting three vital needs - water, food and shelter. They are particularly committed to fighting water-borne diseases - the most frequent cause of death worldwide. Their programs and expertise focus on providing access to drinking water and sanitation as well as the essential fields of food security and reconstruction. Whilst fully respecting the assisted populations' customs and culture, Solidarites International ‘s programmes are implemented by 152 expatriate volunteers and around 1800 local managers and staff (2009 figures). According to its statutes as a charitable organisation under the 1901 law, Solidarites International holds an Annual General Meeting once a year and has a Board of Directors and a Steering Committee. The charity is run by its Founder and Managing Director, Alain Boinet. Where They Work Solidarites International is currently present in 15 countries : Haiti, Sudan (South Sudan), DR Congo (Ituri - North Kivu - Katanga), Tchad, Central African Republic, Kenya, Somalia, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand (with Karen refugees of Burmese origin), Bangladesh. Solidarites International has previously provided humanitarian aid in Albania, Angola, Bosnia, Burundi, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Macedonia, Niger, Romania, Rwanda, Serbia and Sudan (Darfur). THEIR WORK Solidarites International carries out its humanitarian programmes in emergency situations when tens or hundreds of thousands of human beings are under serious threat from hunger, thirst, cold, disease, injury and neglect. At first, their action consists in providing emergency relief to the endangered populations. As soon as conditions permit, they continue their action with projects enabling the reconstruction of infrastructures. Then, if necessary, they carry out projects to revitalise agriculture or fishing, and other food security activities, in order to accompany affected populations on road back to autonomy and self-sufficiency. Their expertise in the field of access to drinking water and sanitation is at the forefront of their combat against water-borne diseases, the most frequent cause of death worldwide. WATER AND SANITATION        - Capturing, drilling and fitting out springs and wells - Purifying, transporting and distributing drinking water - Building and rehabilitating water treatment plants and water supply networks - Building and rehabilitating water works (irrigation canals, reservoirs, dams…) - Building and rehabilitating latrines, washing areas… - Training regarding hygiene FOOD SECURITY - Distributing emergency food aid - Distributing seeds, fruit trees, animals and agricultural tools - Providing technical and veterinary support for animal breeding activities - Implementing sustainable agricultural activities - Diversifying agricultural production - Supporting agricultural groups - Supporting the revitalisation of fishing and fish farming RECONSTRUCTION         - Building or rehabilitating shelters, houses, schools, healthcare centres, roads, bridges…  

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    South Sudan

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Company Offices
  • France (headquarters)
  • Paris
  • Association loi 1901, 89 Rue de Paris, Clichy La Garenne
  • France (headquarters)
  • Clichy
  • 89, rue de Paris Clichy, France
  • France (headquarters)
  • 50 rue Klock, Clichy la Garenne


Primary sectors

Hygiene / Sanitation
Monitoring / Evaluation
Torts / Conflict Resolution
Water / Irrigation
Procurement Process
Logistics / Supplies
Performance Measurement
Local Government
Public Administration

Contract Awards

Projet De Soutien D'Urgence Aux Populations Vulnérables De La Zone Métropolitaine De Port-Au-Prince

EC - Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)
7 Dec 2016

Reinforcement of the Resilience Capacities Among Conflict-affected and Vulnerable Communities in Ouham Prefecture

EC - Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)
1 Dec 2016

Tailored Integrated Assistance to the Most Vulnerable Populations Affected by the Syrian Crisis

EC - Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)
30 Nov 2016

Provision of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) Services for the Refugees of Gulan Camp Area

EC - Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)
30 Nov 2016

Supporting Adaptive Livelihoods That Build Resilience to Natural Disasters in Communities

EC - Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)
30 Nov 2016