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Solo Containment Ltd.

They’re on a mission to transform the flexible containment sector They formed Solo Containment to bring their rigid containment expertise to the flexible containment sector. The benefit for their customer, is a more cost effective containment solution that has been developed with the rigorous analysis and techniques they’ve learned from the wider containment market. Responding to the needs of a changing market They recognise the growing demand for flexible isolators so they’ve developed their unique flexible film and plastic isolation systems within a quality controlled manufacturing system. Having worked in the industry for several decades, they totally understand the realities of the pharmaceutical and chemical engineering sector: - Profit margins are much reduced and product life cycles potentially shorter. Their products are designed to achieve high levels of containment performance at a far lower cost – typically a flexible isolator is at least 20% the cost of an equivalent stainless steel unit - They recognise that many large pharma companies outsource drug development to research contractors hence the preference for lean/low cost containment methods in place of a high cost rigid isolator e.g. in contract drug development programs - They deliver products more quickly because they know there’s often a shorter amount of time for pharmaceutical manufacturers before drug patents run out - They understand the cost pressures you’re under. Single use containment removes the need for expensive - decontamination and the subsequent disposal of contaminated cleaning fluids and associated validation to the end - They can help you work more efficiently. The improved ergonomics and operator interfaces of their products are a direct result of using the flexible film construction against traditional steel and glass solutions. They develop and deliver direct to you   They have a purpose designed production facility in Cheshire, UK. This customised manufacturing environment is ideal for research, development and production of flexible containment solutions. They have the capacity to develop: - Containment solutions ranging from single use glove bags through to rigid plastic validated solutions - Innovative concepts to make flexible isolators easier to use and install - Assured containment performance with flexible solutions - Competitive prices and fast track service - Cost effective, efficient, positive/negative pressure control with multi stage filtration systems - Flexible isolator testing, validation and certification. Their credentials and key team members They have a wealth of experience in design and implementation of containment solutions and in flexible film manufacturing. Martyn Ryder, founder of Solo, and Neil Cocker launched glove bag containment into the UK market in 1995. - Martyn is co author of the
IchemE Containment Technology guide book - Neil was an active member of the SMEPAC committee: The global working group responsible for producing the ISPE good practice guide ‘Assessing the Particulate Containment Performance of Pharmaceutical Equipment’. Working together previously at Extract Technology Ltd, they created a number of ground breaking flexible containment applications including: - Use of Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) make break connections - Development of the compact venturi ejector negative pressure generator - Rigid base plate machine interface - Compact safe change HEPA filter systems - Interface of drum lift and tip devices with flexible isolation. Extensive performance testing was carried out in this period using surrogate API compounds to generate real life and task specific operator exposure profiles. This early work provides the foundation of the Solo product range. By switching to their flexible containment systems you can handle more toxic products without the need for new process equipment – reducing your costs and project life cycle. Their goal: Better performance through scientific research and engineering innovation.
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