Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO BIOTROP)


  • Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersIndonesia
  • Founded1968
SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization) was established in 1965 through the SEAMEO Charter signed by seven (7) South East Asia countries. The signing of the charter marked the establishment of the centres. At present there are seventeen centres and three sub-regional centres. SEAMEO BIOTROP, the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology is one of the centres. SEAMEO BIOTROP, the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology, was established on 6 February 1968. In carrying out the mandate of Governing Board, SEAMEO BIOTROP conducted its activities emphasizing on the empowerment of human resource in Southeast Asia. The activities cover research, training, networking, and personnel exchange and information dissemination in tropical biology.   VISION Being the centre of excellence in research, training and providing information in the area of tropical biology   MISSION to support sustainable development to support biodiversity conservation   GOALS to increase human resource capability to wisely manage tropical biology to achieve sustainable development to provide relevant information for research and development in the area of tropical biology to provide best services to the clients to get involved in the community development programmes   RESEARCH ACTIVITIES SEAMEO BIOTROP’s research and development activities are aimed at enriching the existing body of knowledge on the various aspects of tropical biology across ecosystems and promoting their practical use to address present and emerging development concerns in the Southeast Asian region. Through the years, the Centre has conducted researches on the following areas: agriculture, biodiversity, biofuel, biotechnology, biosystematics, environment, forestry, fishery and other coastal resources, microorganisms, natural products, wildlife, among others. The Centre carries out its research mandate through funding support from the Government of Indonesia, SEAMEO and partner organizations. Both in-house and collaborative researches are conducted by the Centre’s core of scientists. SEAMEO BIOTROP boasts of its ISO accreditation that guarantees quality laboratory results such as in soil, air, water, food, and feed analyses. Under its 8th Five-year Development Plan, SEAMEO BIOTROP has focused its R&D activities in the following: 1. Pest and Disease Management 2. Biosystematics 3. Natural Products and Waste Management 4. Water Ecosystem and Coastal Zone

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