Sparkasse Leasing

Sparkasse Leasing d.o.o. Sarajevo was established in June 2007. The Sparkasse Leasing Group successfully operates for years in Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republik, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is operating as an independent legal entity. Ownership structure: 51% - Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkasse AG from Graz 49% - Sparkasse Bank d.d. Their Business Principles: Responsibility Sparkasse Leasing is responsible for the whole operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina; for all clients, employees, banks and partner companies: Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen AG and Sparkasse Bank d.d. Cooperation Sparkasse Leasing is apsolute authority in the Bosnian lease finance. State institutions, large, medium-sized and small enterprises and individual persons approach them with equal confidence. Each customer is offered a solution tailored to his needs. They focus on cooperation on equal footing and long term partner-to-partner relationship. Safety Stable growth and development, as well as competence and expertise of their staff, are crucial to their success. Their range of products and services is adjusted to their customers: each client is offered a tailor-made solution according to his specific requirements. Confidence Their staff's professional and interpersonal standards are rooted in the transparency of their terms of business, which enables them to communicate openly and with sincerity. Determination Good ideas are easy to accomplish, if you have the right partner, bold enough to afford you the possibility to implement them. Sparkasse Leasing itself stems from one of such ideas: it is therefore that they listen them. What can be financed by lease? Passenger vehicles  Commercial and freight vehicles Machinery Equipment Production plants Vessels Their service Your Success is Their Future. With their rich international experience, financial strength of their owners and know how in the field of financial services, it is their strategic goal to be able at any time to provide their customers up-to-date, tailor-made financial products and excellent service. Come to them with confidence. Users of their services include numerous state-owned and public utility companies, privately owned companies, sole proprietors and private individuals.
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Company Offices

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (headquarters)
  • Zmaja od Bosne 7, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH