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Founded in 1998, Spatial Informatics Group, LLC (SIG) is a group of research scientists and applied thinkers with broad expertise in geospatial analysis, and environmental and socioeconomic sciences. It uses innovative spatial analysis methods to uncover new insights and provide guidance to solve challenging real-world problems in natural and urban landscapes. Its group combines spatial analytics with ecological, social and economic sciences to understand the effects of management and policy choices on the short and long-term stability of ecosystems. It translates data into knowledge that can be used to inform decisions. SIG provides a wide range of geospatial data development, research and monitoring services that are integrated with a range of scientific disciplines such as ecology, forestry, risk and hazard management, climate change, natural resource economics, and sustainable urban and environmental planning and management. Its people are experts in using tools such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and in extracting landscape features from remote sensing data, mining large data sets and performing complex spatial modeling. SIG can work at all levels of a project. Depending on a client’s needs, SIG can perform discrete tasks, or manage the whole project. It works with clients to answer simple to complex monitoring and research questions using a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach supported by advanced analysis techniques. It has a demonstrated track record of delivering high-quality products within client driven timetables.   It completes projects by: Working closely with clients to clearly articulate tasks and refine the question(s) that need to be answered. Building the most appropriate SIG team and brainstorming appropriate field methods, analytical approaches, data and tools needed to answer the identified question(s). Collecting and quality checking relevant data. Analyzing data using appropriate methods, tools and advanced technologies. Effectively communicating the project’s results, recommendations and considerations with clients and stakeholders. Reporting in a format that is clearly understandable and usable by the client and stakeholders. Maintaining frequent interactions with its clients throughout the progression of the project.    
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