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State Agency of Auto-Roads of Ukraine (Ukratovdor)

ABOUT US Purpose of the activity:  ensuring the development of the road network, improving traffic safety, speed, comfort and economy of transportation of passengers and goods by road; improving the transport and operational status of roads, bridges and road infrastructure; improving the accessibility of rural areas and ensuring the right of citizens to move; improvement of technical indicators, increase of competitiveness of highways in support of transit transportation and development of motor tourism; promotion of investment, socio - economic and ecologically balanced development of the state. Task: -ensuring the formulation and implementation of the state road transport policy; -providing social support for road workers; -ensuring full and timely fulfillment of the debt obligations on the credits involved for the development of the public highway network; -organization of construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of public highways, appropriate engineering equipment, road service facilities and other structures; -ensuring the safe and safe movement of public roads, improvement and development of the road economy; -implementation of progressive design solutions, new modern materials and structures, energy and resource-saving technologies for construction, repair and maintenance of roads and bridges, new methods of organizing works and equipment.
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