State Agency of Water Resources (Kyrgyzstan)

Objective of the Department The objective of the Department is: implementation of a single state policy in the field of rational use and protection of the water fund, management of water resources and water infrastructure facilities owned by the state, provision of comprehensive water resources needs of all water users. Tasks of the Department Tasks of the Department are: planning, organization and implementation of measures of administrative, economic and statutory regulation of water use conditions; planning and implementation of measures, adoption of measures for effective operation, protection of water infrastructure facilities, lands of the water fund; Integrated planning and regulation of the use of water resources based on river basin (hydrographic) principle with a view to guaranteeing the water needs of all water users, without damage to the environment; planning, organization, regulation of interstate water relations and distribution of water resources which form on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic; Planning, organization and supervision of works related to the improvement of the ameliorative state of agricultural lands. Functions of the Department In accordance with the tasks assigned to it, the Department performs the following functions. Functions of implementing sectoral policies: participates in the development of draft enactments related to the competence of the Department and, in accordance with the established procedure, submits them for consideration to the Ministry and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic; serves as the Secretariat of the National Water Council: develop plans for the integrated use and protection of water resources and submit them for approval to the National Water Council; develops and, in accordance with the established procedure, submits for approval the regulations, regulating procedures and tariffs for payment for water supply services; Together with other administrative departments and local authorities takes part in the development and review of national and regional strategies, programs, action plans and business projects related to the use of water resources, water infrastructure facilities and the development of water relations; in accordance with the established procedure, it implements the state policy of development of cooperation with foreign partners and international organizations in the field of water relations and ensures the implementation of interstate agreements and agreements to which the Kyrgyz Republic is a party; in accordance with the established procedure, participates in coordination with the Ministry in drafting interstate agreements and agreements on water issues; in accordance with the established procedure, plans and organizes interstate distribution of water resources formed in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic; in the prescribed manner participates in the planning and implementation of interstate programs and business cooperation projects in the field of water relations, water management and water protection activities; in the prescribed manner, interacts with international and foreign organizations and institutions on matters within the competence of the Department.
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