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Success K LLP

Services Event From the very beginning, we specialized in organizing events in conjunction with PR. With the event, we started and grew on the event. We stand behind dozens of complex and interesting Kazakhstani and international projects. It is unlikely that you will find people to organize events that are more experienced than us. We did not just eat this unfortunate dog, but crushed the bones and got to the juicy brain. PRODUCTION We equip the guys from production with the latest technology. These capricious children are ready to kill for a new toy, but after receiving it, they work wonders. What is a miracle today? The miracle is to find like-minded people to translate ideas into reality. A miracle is to be able to trust a person. A miracle is a performer who does not twist your head, knows the job. This is a confident production wizard. Contact us, we are just a miracle. DESIGN We do more than design. We guess desires. Often they turn to us, not yet knowing what they want, and then we suggest the right path. “Thinking outside the box”, “creative design”, “team of professionals”, “one of the largest companies” - we don't need these empty phrases. We are just people who are inspired by our work, who are proud of the result, sharing the joy of joint creation with each other.  PR In a world where everything is sold and bought, it is difficult to build trust. We rarely resort to mechanical PR - buying out publications - and only at the request of the customer. We are building harmonious relations with the press and the public, based on mutual respect and trust. Our regular customers - national and state organizations, private companies - over time, began to appreciate this approach. He saves their money, but the main thing is their dignity and human face in the face of fierce competition, crisis and other challenges. DATA ANALYSIS We analyze the data, make accurate forecasts. Yes, we also did not understand what this means. If in a nutshell. So you own the amount of information about customers or users of the product. It is important for you which customers are more solvent than others. Which prefer one type of product, and which other. Which customers are satisfied, which are not. What to do to attract new customers and retain old ones. After analyzing the data, we will draw accurate conclusions, suggest the right moves. It’s not for us to tell you how important analytical work in the media is today.  MEDIA BUYING We, like no one else, know the specifics of the local market. Over the years, the company's reputation has become a guarantee of profitable relationships for owners of media channels. Therefore, we are provided with friendly prices, information about favorable placement times, and other privileges when buying a media to promote customers. These are print media, online media, radio, television, outdoor advertising. Our buyers, who do not get off their phones, end the day with hoarse voices and increase sales of throat lozenges by 25% at the nearest pharmacy. 
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